Friday, July 22, 2011

Darn, it's hot!

It's still, what else can we do, but cool off in the pool!?! While cooling off, the boys battled a ferocious horsefly and battered their dad with water balloons until he gave up and jumped in.  Eventually, lightening streaks across the sky forced us out of the water. 

We picked Tori up from camp this afternoon, Ben comes back tomorrow, and Jonah leaves for South Dakota on Monday morning. Are we ever going to all be together again? 

Today, I discovered that you aren't allowed to sell bird nests on Ebay.  Too bad, I have a nice specimen that someone would love to have. 

I'm currently reading a book called Moses, by Chuck Swindoll.  I'm enjoying it a lot....seems like God placed the book in my hands at just the right moment.  Lots of great insights and practical application about living your life in God's will.  So far, I wholly recommend it, even though I'm not finished with it yet.

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