Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Sorry I just haven't been posting at all lately.  Silas and I have been so busy, I will upload some pictures of the fun things we've done the past couple of weeks, as soon as I can catch my breath! I've temporarily given up on the Monday Menu Planning, just because everyone in our family is going in 100 different directions and it just doesn't make sense for me to spend the time planning and cooking.  Si and I have been eating with friends, eating small meals out, and scrounging around in the kitchen to keep ourselves nourished, and it's been working pretty well!
Lake Michigan Chicago Skyline in the Distance
July 4, 2011

I want to start a new weekly meme here, called ICU (Intensive Care for the Christian Unschooler) as long as I can get it to work. It comes from a group I'm a part of on Facebook.  For some reason, I've been having trouble adding the buttons.  I'm not too hot with the technical aspects of blogging, but I'm working on it! Anyway, here it is.....

This week we want to…earn more money for our misson trip to Honduras this fall.  Only my husband and I will be going this time, but I still can't wait.  I've got a few things listed on Ebay (my user name is Bentorijon, check'em out!), and I sold a book on Amazon that went for $83.  So, we're making progress....
The kids are… finally home...sort of! Ben and Tori are home from working at Summerfest in Wisconsin with All Tyed Up, and Jonah is home from California.  He accompanied his friend, Alex, to an archery tournament in Sacramento.  We're so proud of Alex, who is also homeschooled,---he just made the USA World Archery Team and will be competing in Poland next month.  Yay, Alex!  Ben is actually spending the week dog-sitting for a family friend who is on a mission trip to Honduras, but he's close enough to home that we actually see him every day! My heart is breaking because our family was not able to go to Honduras this summer, but God knows best, and we are following His lead.
I am learning….that God alone is my provider and I can trust Him in all things.  He has plans for us....mighty plans!
I am struggling with…changes coming down the road very quickly for our family! We are about to have a MAJOR life change that I can't elaborate on right now, but it will be soon.  Add this to the fact that our oldest is starting college next month, the stress level around here is pretty intense!  But I know God has plans for us, and I can't wait to see what they are!!!!
This week is the first time….I have agreed with my husband that we need to get our male kitty "fixed."  ASAP!!!!! Oh, it's also the first time I ever got a, shocked everybody who knows me!
One large star for every member of our family...I didn't leave anybody out!

I am grateful…so grateful for my friends who are sharing a heavy burden with us right now and praying for us in what we are going to be facing over the next few months.  I love you all so much.  Thanks for being strong for me when I can't be.

The biggest change I’d like to see take place in my family in the remainder of 2011 is…..that we could spend more time together!

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